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A. Lourie: Chamber Music Vol.1

Birgit Ramsl, Raphael Leone, Paolo Beltramini, Candy Grace Ho, Gottlieb Wallisch, Egidius Streiff, Musicians of the Arthur Lourie Festival Basel1: Sunrise (for flute solo)


The turbulent life of Arthur Lourié – student of Glazunov, friend of Blok, lover of Akhmatova, commissar of the Soviet regime, exile in Germany, France and the USA, ghostwriter for Koussevitzky – is reflected in the diverse references of his music, from the beginning the ceremonies of ancient Greece to neo-baroque and neoclassical procedures perhaps inspired by his collaboration with Stravinsky in Paris. Some of the works on this first of two albums, which survey his chamber and instrumental music, have an almost ritualistic formality; at others, a mischievous grin is not far from the surface.



Pastorale de la Volga (for oboe, bassoon, 2 violas and cello)

  • 2: 1. Tempo MM Quarters = 96
  • 3: 2nd quarter = 84
  • 4: Regina coeli (for alto, oboe and trumpet)

La Flûte à travers le Violon (for flute and violin)

  • 5: 1. Allegretto
  • 6: 2. Adagio
  • 7: 3. Presto

Dithyrambes (for flute solo)

  • 8: No. 1 Le sacrifice du miel
  • 9: No. 2 Plainte d'Ariane
  • 10: No. 3 mazes
  • 2 Etudes on a Mallarmé Sonnet (excerpt)
  • 11: No. 1 Phrases (for flute and piano)
  • 12: The mime (for clarinet solo)
  • 13: The flute of Pan (for flute solo)
  • 14: Funeral games in honor of Chronos (for 3 flutes, piano and cymbals)


Label: Toccata, DDD, 2021 

Release date: 9.12.2022

A. Lourie: Chamber Music Vol.1

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